40 Award Winning Strategies?

That was the headline that peaked everyone’s interest.  Finally, a single turnkey source for all our industry’s winning strategies.  Forty “award-wining” strategies presented by a highly regarded C-level executive from a well-known national franchise.  A voice of both wisdom and knowledge. 

Forty “award winners” is a lot to take in.  To better help understand the depth of these strategies, it’s helpful to categorize them in a more logical fashion; strategically.

The “Duh” Strategy

Some things are so obvious are they really strategies?  To “visually see”, Strategy #1: Open Eyes?  The “actual” strategies are listed below.

20) Contact Your Sphere of Influence  15) Ask for Referrals 3) Reach out to Past Clients 5) Join a Referral Group 14) Optimize your Google My Business Page

If you didn’t instinctually know these 5 strategies, real estate sales might NOT be your thing.  Think Retail.   

The Old School Strategy

The modern franchise movement was created in the 1970’s.   Many of their greatest hits still linger. 

10) Host Open Houses 9) Host a 1st Time Buyer Seminar 6) Knock on Doors 24) Throw a Housewarming Party for Your Buyers 25) Throw a Going Away Party for Your Sellers 29) Sign up for BPOs

Seriously, do NOT, “Knock on Doors”.  Are you kidding me, it’s 2021, and not a safe thing to do.  Strategies that put one in harm’s way should really be avoided at all cost.   This grouping reads like a cut-n’ paste from 1989.  Lots of partying going on in the trade back then? 

The Creepy Strategy

Yes, the strategies listed below, in theory, work.  But, eeeww!!

11) Contact Newly Engaged Couples.  12) Reach out to Pregnant couples 28) Work Divorce Leads 33) Work Probate Listings 23) Contact Pre-Foreclosure Homeowners

Ever have a personal conversation one night only to see ads about it the next day on your phone?  It’s like that; creepy!  Reaching out to pregnant couples?  Whoa.  Being male, I can’t imagine a total stranger coming to me with congratulations about something so personal?   Being human, I really can’t imagine ever working “funeral leads”.  Yikes!

Most all sales agents, at every level, has experienced a divorcing couple.  This is not something an agent of sound mind would actually want.  It’s not so much a winning strategy as it is a prescription for depression.  

Surprisingly not mentioned on this list, “lurking on stranger’s facebook pages” can also yield sales leads.  This “strategy”, for lack of a better term, is not recommended at all.  It’s a huge red flag of something and it really doesn’t come off as “hire me”. 

The “Buy” Strategy

Not so much a winning strategy as it is a Business 101 practice.  Close to the “Duh Strategy”, but if you own a business, it makes sense you have to advertise that.  21) Buy Google Ads 22) Run Facebook Ads Also Business 101; buy some leads.  26) Buy Zillow Leads 27) Buy Realtor.com leads 32) Buy Bold Leads

Again, I don’t know if these 5 strategies are really that, or simply common sense?  When the C-Level executive was developing this list, did he think folks didn’t know about adverting?  It’s not like anyone ever said, “oh, advertising—I didn’t think of that”?  To stop “visual sight”,  Strategy 2: Close Eyes. 

The Dawn of Time Strategy

This list does include several really great ideas that have been staples for independent sales professionals for decades.  Nothing new or innovative about them.

7) Farm a Neighborhood 39) Start a Digital Farm (same idea as #7 but now digital?) 36) Write Articles for Local Magazines 18) Write Linkedin articles (same as #36 but now digital) 38) Execute Circle Prospecting 34) Build Relationships with other Agents 19) Contact FSBOs 

Aside from concessions to technology, these ideas are as old as the trade itself.  Which begs the question: how are any of these “award-winning”?

This, is more or less, concludes the winning strategy list.  If we have missed one or two it’s because they were even more redundant than the ones we covered.  Again, I would like to add these “strategies” come from a C-Level Executive at a prestigious national franchise. 

Given this source, do these concepts represent our industry’s “state-of-the-art” thinking?     Is this the best there is?  

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