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Great to Have a Strong Bench

Real estate has sales all wrong!  If you ask a Corporate VP of Sales or any professional services

Are Real Estate Franchises Dead?

What do Brokers do?  I really don’t know.  Despite our name, we have never considered ourselves a “realty”

Now What?

Everyone has a first time.  Fumbling around in the dark, not really knowing what you’re doing.  Hoping, praying

Managing Expectations

A new agent recently asked if we distributed “leads” and if any our agents were designated “showing” agents? 

E&O Insurance: Take as Needed

It had been years since we engaged with an E&O company, so we wondered if maybe something within

If We Were a Franchise?

From a business standpoint, it’s usually not a smart thing to brag about leaving money on the table. 

40 Award Winning Strategies?

That was the headline that peaked everyone’s interest.  Finally, a single turnkey source for all our industry’s winning

Refusing to See the Storyline

Ever get the feeling, “I know this, I’ve heard this before”, but can’t put your finger on it? 

Moving from Sales to Home Health

As the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against NAR continues to rage on, the rats aren’t happy about it. 

Building Sales Channels

If you could start over from scratch and recreate the trade of a real estate agent, what would

Say the Secret Phrase

In the future, the role of the real estate agent will be quite different from what it is

Point of View

Recently, the President of a national franchise sat down for a “deep dive” interview with the industry’s pro-franchise

NAR is Finally Losing!

I used to think Banks had the best chance of changing our industry’s status quo.  With branches in

Realty Company – Services Menu

When we polled our agent Community about future industry developments or trends, the idea of “ala carte” pricing

Us versus Them

When others study what you do, they do so because what you have done is either successful or

Chart A New Course

We know, every story has two sides.  But, not often do we think of words as having two

Looking Ahead

The State of our Agent Community is; Calm.  Recently, we have been having discussions with our agents about

Hello Wynd Agent!