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What Would YOU Do?

It’s a very unfair question that nonetheless gets asked all the time; “what would I do if I

Lead Generating Machines

You’ve never been to, “The Shops at Buckhead”? Well, you’re not alone. But despite that, I’ll bet you

State of the Union

Our industry is in a critical transition phase. Brokers are suing each other while stealing each other’s agents,


We spend a lot of time in this space talking about change. Change is positive. Change is forward

The Next 5 Years

Did you know, as a nation we annually blow through $100 billion dollars a year on commissions to

The Fate of an Industry

Are You Ready to Ruuuuuummmmmbbbble! In this corner, the reigning champion of the last 50 years; the National

Starting Over: Quit NAR!

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is a terrible trade Union. They force you to pay their dues,

Starting Over: Getting Paid

Over the next couple of years, the real estate industry will undergo a complete transformation. This transformation will

Bad Real Estate Marketing

Recently I was shown a copy of a, “My Why” recruiting ad from Re/Max. Aside from the title

Fiduciary Responsibility-ish

Fiduciary: fi·du·cia·ry; adjective, from the Latin fidere, meaning “to trust”. Realtors have a huge problem with fiduciary responsibility. This,

When Condos Become Toxic

“This condo is perfect. Location is great, price is doable and it’s walkable to everything”. Before you fall


Every day our President openly lies while he takes a dump on our democracy. Our new Governor openly

Scaring the Rent Out

Recently the AJC cited a 24-year financial expert as the voice of his generation in the “buy” versus

Hello Wynd Agent!