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Icon Finally Fixed!

Fox Theatre Inc, the owner and operator of Atlanta’s nostalgic old-time theater, has signed an agreement effectively immediately,

When Real Estate is FUN!

Atlanta has more part-time real estate agents than anywhere else in the United States.  Without a NAR overseer,

Real Estate as a Profession

Asking a Broker if they provide leads, tells that Broker exactly where that person is in their real

Why Atlanta is So Different

Fletcher L Thompson was a black man who forever changed Atlanta real estate.  He alone is responsible for

Don’t Become Your Parents

Think about it; having Sellers pay the sales commission of the agent they are negotiating against even “sounds”

Welcome 2023!

Happy New Year from Wynd Realty; Atlanta’s largest real estate brokerage you never heard of.  We hope 2023

I Find the Tinsel Distracting

I Gotta Lot of Problems with You People…. While the “Feats of Strength” remain the fan favorite, it’s

Lose The Partners

All Brokers are alike.  Not true.  All franchise Brokers are alike.  Better. The path to becoming a Realtor

Pause the Cause

It takes a lot of money to be a Realtor.  (Note the capital “R”) For many, it’s a

Huge Balls: The Opendoor Story

The email began; “thank you for signing up to Opendoor”.  As you can probably guess, I did no

Governing with Milquetoast

It’s like watching paint dry without all the drama!    The U.S. Department of Justice is a funny

Net Commissions

This is mind-blowing to me; over the last 14 years we have had only ONE seller ask for

Storytelling 101

There are dozens of reasons why the “team” approach may be the most strategically sound way to approach

Code of Ethics; Really?

Our last few blogs were dedicated to promoting the Atlanta sales market to agents throughout the United States. 

Great to Have a Strong Bench

Real estate has sales all wrong!  If you ask a Corporate VP of Sales or any professional services

Are Real Estate Franchises Dead?

What do Brokers do?  I really don’t know.  Despite our name, we have never considered ourselves a “realty”

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