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Can You Survive Change?

Sting still makes $2,000 dollars every single day because decades ago he wrote the song; “Every Breath You

Mayday! Mayday!

We often hail the benefits of Atlanta’s unique real estate market.  Atlanta is open, capitalistic, and NAR-free.  What

Trail of Tears

Long story short; think twice about showing your Buyers any OpenDoor* listings. There is a dark side to

Competitive Selling

Recently I was reading some training material of a large national franchise.  One section of the material was

2021 – The Road Ahead

When Wynd Realty started, it would have been silly for us to think we could compete against the

Dual Agency

I know for a fact, as every licensee completes their real estate course, they know “dual agency” is

Rentals & Referrals

The most unique feature of a real estate license is having people give you money to buy a

Hello Macon!

Atlanta Macon; Macon Atlanta.  It’s so nice to see you.  Last month FMLS and MGMLS (Middle Georgia MLS),

Atlanta’s Hottest Properties

There is a market correction going on in Atlanta.  Consider the options available to those who live in-town. 

Turn and Face the Strange

Despite 40M Americans having lost their jobs, a U.S economy in historic peril, a government that has given

Virtual Tours for Everyone

For men, it’s a navy blazer. For women, the black dress.  The Virtual Tour world has undergone head-spinning

Good Riddance

Usually, when an industry changes its methodology, it does so over time. Today, industry change has been thrust

Can’t We Fix This?

America is waking up to the fact we finally need to address our racist trash still on display

Two Worlds

Seems everything has two worlds these days. There is the fact world based on science. And the fiction

Looking for a Team – Part 2

Realty “teams” used to mean something very different just a few years ago. In the olden days they

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