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Turn and Face the Strange

Despite 40M Americans having lost their jobs, a U.S economy in historic peril, a government that has given

Virtual Tours for Everyone

For men, it’s a navy blazer. For women, the black dress.  The Virtual Tour world has undergone head-spinning

Good Riddance

Usually, when an industry changes its methodology, it does so over time. Today, industry change has been thrust

Can’t We Fix This?

America is waking up to the fact we finally need to address our racist trash still on display

Two Worlds

Seems everything has two worlds these days. There is the fact world based on science. And the fiction

Looking for a Team – Part 2

Realty “teams” used to mean something very different just a few years ago. In the olden days they

Looking for a Team?

OpenDoor is laying off 35% of their workers. Compass 15%. Redfin 7%. Sounds terrible. But, in the big

The Pandemic Transition Era

All new Era’s begin with an initial transition period. Call that today. We suddenly live in a post-pandemic

Happy New Year! 2020

I hope this finds everyone safe, happy and excited about the New Year.  I can’t wait!   2020 is

Crossing the Chasm

2020 will be the year residential real estate “crosses the chasm”. The what? Marketing professionals of the early

The Out-of-State Agent

The house sold for $630K. The Listing commission was $875.00. That’s not right! Agent must have been a

What Would YOU Do?

It’s a very unfair question that nonetheless gets asked all the time; “what would I do if I

Lead Generating Machines

You’ve never been to, “The Shops at Buckhead”? Well, you’re not alone. But despite that, I’ll bet you

Hello Wynd Agent!