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Fiduciary Responsibility-ish

Fiduciary: fi·du·cia·ry; adjective, from the Latin fidere, meaning “to trust”. Realtors have a huge problem with fiduciary responsibility. This,

When Condos Become Toxic

“This condo is perfect. Location is great, price is doable and it’s walkable to everything”. Before you fall


Every day our President openly lies while he takes a dump on our democracy. Our new Governor openly

Scaring the Rent Out

Recently the AJC cited a 24-year financial expert as the voice of his generation in the “buy” versus

Too Much of a Good Thing

Home ownership is the American dream. Also uniquely American; unnecessary excess. Putting these two concepts together gave us

Beware the Entryway!

Today’s topic is for condominium shoppers. Condo buyers are very well aware they are engaged in a battle

The Volume Myth

The real estate industry has always used volume as a barometer of success. As in, “agent Mike sells

Hello Wynd Agent!