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Happy New Year! 2020

I hope this finds everyone safe, happy and excited about the New Year.  I can’t wait!   2020 is

Crossing the Chasm

2020 will be the year residential real estate “crosses the chasm”. The what? Marketing professionals of the early

The Out-of-State Agent

The house sold for $630K. The Listing commission was $875.00. That’s not right! Agent must have been a

What Would YOU Do?

It’s a very unfair question that nonetheless gets asked all the time; “what would I do if I

Lead Generating Machines

You’ve never been to, “The Shops at Buckhead”? Well, you’re not alone. But despite that, I’ll bet you

State of the Union

Our industry is in a critical transition phase. Brokers are suing each other while stealing each other’s agents,


We spend a lot of time in this space talking about change. Change is positive. Change is forward

The Next 5 Years

Did you know, as a nation we annually blow through $100 billion dollars a year on commissions to

The Fate of an Industry

Are You Ready to Ruuuuuummmmmbbbble! In this corner, the reigning champion of the last 50 years; the National

The i-Buyer Market – The Bad

Admittedly, our previous statement of the i-Buyer market being a race to the bottom of the industry may

The i-Buyer Market – The Good

Over the next two blogs we will be highlighting the emerging i-Buyer marketplace. Our intention is to point

Feeding Off Your Commission

Hey, want to run a scam on your fellow agents? Guaranteed to make you money. All the cool

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