For Humanity’s Sake – Please VOTE

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In hindsight, electing a failed Realtor to be the President of the United States may not have been a very good idea.   But, in defense of Realtors, our President has failed at everything he has ever done.  So, it’s not like working in real estate took him over the edge.  As a matter fact, the real estate industry was an unwilling participate in the image “crafting” that our President has enjoyed for years.  The image of being successful. 

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) counts over a million members.  There are also hundreds of thousands of agents NAR doesn’t count.   That means nearly 2 million real estate agents knew our President was a con, well before he ran for anything.   When I first heard of Trump University, I laughed.  When I found out how much he was gauging these poor folks, I cried. 

Successful condo developer?  Not really.  I’ll bet everyone reading this blog follows license law and adheres to industry norms when speaking with clients.  But, what if you could lie and make stuff up?  Sales would be so much easier!  Say whatever you want, or say whatever will get the sale.  Kind of like Time-Share sales.  Rules are for losers. 

Again, those in real estate all knew his condos were overpriced.  Everybody knew he was lying when stating his sales forecasts.  It’s already 97% sold—no it wasn’t.  We have a waiting list—no they didn’t.   A-list celebrities are interested in the building—no they weren’t.   It’s been an obvious “tell” for years, every time our President speaks, using his hands, he’s lying.   

In 2019, the President addressed NAR’s Annual Legislative Conference.   That is not unusual, 10 Presidents have spoken to this group over the years.   (Interestingly, of the 10 who spoke, 8 were Republican)  But, this President spoke to the group because he “needs” Realtors.  Polls say he is lagging with suburban females.  NAR has plenty.

The “average” Realtor is a 54 year old woman with at least some college.  How they determine that from their membership of over a million is a mystery.  Needless to say, if you are lagging in the burbs, Realtors are a perfect audience. 

To their credit, NAR has a very long standing practice of being neutral.  They have never endorsed a Presidential candidate before and they won’t now.  We should applaud this.  But, considering the damage this President has inflicted on our own industry, you would think there could be another category of “no endorsement”.  Of course in a two-horse race, that implies the very thing you’re trying to avoid. 

I hope you have noticed we haven’t mentioned politics.  This was done because; a) this is a real estate blog, and b) our President is as transparent as his tan.   You don’t need to know politics to know this man. 

But, if you want to know what he thinks of you?  Well, you’re a Bloodsucker!  The President has repeatedly call real estate agents “bloodsuckers” and has admitted to cheating his way out of commissions.  Nice guy.  He is exactly the type of client agents are trained to walk away from.  So, here is an idea, lets ALL keep walking away from this guy.

For the sake of the Planet and our humanity—please vote!  We are less than 20 days out.  We can do this! 

For the record, voting at State Farm Arena was amazing.  The Atlanta Hawks organization has made the voting process fun!  I am not kidding.  Even if you hate politics and have never voted.   Go to State Farm Arena and see what Democracy looks like.

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