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Real estate has sales all wrong!  If you ask a Corporate VP of Sales or any professional services firm, they will tell you “Sales” is a two-step process.   There is a traditional “sales team” as well as an “implementation team”.   Each team is led by a manager with the appropriate personality traits for the role.  This makes a huge difference.

Salesmen have the skill to attract people and gain their confidence and trust.   Implementation people are detail orientated and can manage logistical issues.  One is fun at a party while the other one wonders why the food was put, “way over there”.  The point is they are not the same person yet that is exactly what most realtors try to do; cover both bases themselves.   This is the reason “teams” have suddenly become all the rage.

Tradition is thrown aside when you consider developing a remote sales office.  Sales can be conducted from anywhere.  Logistics on the other hand is always local.   

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the only markets in the United States that allows agents from anywhere to become members of the local MLS for FREE.   It’s not advertised much but Atlanta’s MLS membership is FREE!.  Wynd Realty charges $12.95 a month for the membership but there are some brokerages that offer FREE MLS for everyone. 

Remote sales offices create the opportunity for a more recognized two-step sales process.    Sales teams from any part of the Country can have access to the hundreds of part-time agents within Wynd Realty’s agent community.  The depth and breath of our agent community is staggering.

The collective Wynd Realty bench has hundreds of years of experience showing homes.  Thousands of hours of experience dealing with home inspectors and tradesmen.  Decades of experience identifying contractor BS! The list goes on.         

If you want to sell in the Atlanta metro area, and don’t live here, affiliate with Wynd Realty and team up with any number of local “hands” to be your implementation team.  Whatever skill set you may be looking for, the Wynd Realty bench probably has it.   

How best can a remote office hook up with our agent community?  In a word: SLACK.  That is the application Wynd Realty uses for team development.  It’s a great tool for private teams as well as community-wide sharing. 

A word of caution.  Atlanta may be a southern city, but it’s not Florida southern.   Our part-time agents are not retirees with little to do all day.  They have jobs, perform other trades, raise families, etc. etc.  Also, “part-time” doesn’t mean cheap.  Bargain maybe, but never cheap.    

The best relationships or team cohesiveness comes when all players have some skin in the game.  You can pay someone to do a task.  And we have agents for that.  But, if you want to develop a team that repeats success over and over again, giving everyone a share is the best way to go. 

For example lets take a $300K sale.  The sales manager could hire out an agent to do a task at $500.  Or a sales manager could partner with an agent for a quarter point.  Fans of math will quickly point out the partnering way of looking at things will pay out $750.  If that $250 is bothering you, you have missed the point. 

When you work in remote sales, you need consistent support you can rely on.  Sure anyone can handle the easy asks.  But, sales managers get a lot of odd client requests.    It is only a matter time before they need a favor that will touch on the implementation team.   When you’re a task master, you make friends.  When you give out percentages, however small, and you make partners.    Working on the Saturday of the Georgia-Alabama game type of partner? Oh no.  But, certainly any non-conference Saturday type of partner for sure.

Is the remote sales objective looking long or short term?   The Wynd Realty bench can handle both. 

Free* MLS membership, no commission splits, flat-fee transaction cost, no Boards, no Dues, experienced agent bench: Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia!  

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