What’s a Real Estate Brand Director?

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Wynd Realty is the only real estate brokerage that employs Brand Directors. We know this because we created and defined the role. That’s why not many know what Brand Directors are or what they do. In providing an explanation, a little background is needed.

Wynd Realty is an agent “service provider,” not a realty partner. This concept makes the idea of “commission splits” totally unnecessary. As a result, we always knew there never was going to be money for things like offices, secretaries, expresso machines, etc. Additionally, the Wynd Realty brand was never designed to be a consumer draw like a franchise. The franchise business model is flawed insofar as it must continually serve two markets; the agent market AND the consumer market. Our goal was to be a transparent background task that served the agent community only.

Wynd Realty is a flat fee transaction Brokerage with the lowest monthly fees in Atlanta. ($12.95) But, if being the lowest price point in a market is ALL you are, you will fail. The modern Brokerages of today must be cost-sensitive but also extend a true value add proposition to what they are offering.

How can we help agents? As Wynd Realty continued to scale in terms of agents, it became clear the logistical management of our agent community allowed little time for more important things like relationship building. Even with our low-cost footprint, Wynd Realty needed to add a layer of management. Enter Brand Directors.

Brand Directors wear many hats, but at their core, they are real estate professionals with very strong Social skills. They have sold homes, know the logistical steps to close and support their agents from a technical perspective.

Do agents need help with a “sales” pitch? Probably. But, there are hundreds of sites and thousands of books on the topic. Need motivation? Again, training is everywhere.

Wynd Realty grew from word of mouth and a SMALL Social Media budget. We were lucky enough to join up with a new company at the time, Atlanta’s leading Social Media company, Imagine Media Consulting. (https://www.imaginemediaconsulting.com/) It was the strategy of Imagine Media that allows us to realize the visibility and market share we enjoy today. And, this leads to our “AHA moment.”

For individual agents, paying for the services of a company like Imagine Media may be out of scope, especially if they are just starting out. But, what if Wynd Realty could bring some of that capability in-house. Work with agents “Socially.” If an agent’s ultimate goal is to create their own leads, how will they do that in the 2020s? Harry Norman agents will continue sending recipe cards. Wynd Realty agents needed to different. They needed a technical edge.

Brand Directors, in addition to being logistical help, bring their Social Media skill set to the table. They work with each agent to develop a unique strategy for them. Much like Imagine Media had done for Wynd Realty a decade previously.

Agents utilize their licenses in many different ways. There are no one-size-fits-all. Brand Directors ensure, at least Socially, each of their agents is optimally positioned to achieve the best results for their particular strategy.

Brand Directors don’t cost agents anything. They come with the $12.95 monthly fee. For those who don’t use Social Media, Brand Directors remain they’re logistical go-to. For agents who are really interested in Social Media, Brand Directors can help elevate an agent’s profile.

Wynd Realty still maintains our corporate relationship with Imagine Media. Every month, Wynd Realty allows a percentage of hours for augmenting agent messaging. Again, Brand Directors work with their agents as the liaison for everything Social.

If you have strong Social skills with sales experience, Wynd Realty would like to speak to you about a different kind of career in real estate. For additional information as well as information about becoming a Brand Director, please inquire to info@WyndRealty.com

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