Meet the non-traditional Georgia brokerage that's breaking all the rules.

Wynd Realty is an Atlanta-based, agent-focused residential real estate brokerage firm. Since 2008, Wynd has proudly been the experienced real estate agent’s alternative to the traditional franchise business model. One that’s flexible, affordable, and lets agents run their business their way. 
Wynd Realty is pioneering an evolution in the Georgia brokerage industry by asking, “If sales agents were to create a real estate Brokerage, what would it look like?” Agents agree; they want to ditch old brands of the past and get low monthly fees, no commission splits, zero charges on referrals or rentals, and no board dues. 

At Wynd Realty brokerage, your client’s best interest comes first for you. Your best interest comes first for us.

Wynd Realty is a Georgia brokerage firm OF agents FOR agents. As an agent service provider, Wynd Realty adapts to the specific goals of each agent. For those simply “hanging their license” to those using Wynd as an incubator for developing multiple DBA platforms. Wynd Realty is focused on serving a variety of agent strategies. 

Wynd Realty continues to be Atlanta's standard-bearer for agents wanting alternative affiliation. A real estate license is a very powerful tool and we're here to help you use it

We saw an opportunity in 2008 to create a different path for licensed agents in the industry. The traditional franchise model had become dated and no longer effective for a large percentage of the Atlanta-area real estate community.

Wynd Realty is transforming Georgia real estate brokerage.

Getting a real estate license shouldn’t mean automatically inheriting a business partner. That’s what franchises are: partners. Wynd Realty doesn’t compete against national franchises because the franchises can’t compete against Wynd Realty. Low monthly cost, flat fee transactions, no boards, free rentals, and referrals aren’t in a franchise’s DNA.
Wynd Realty reconstructed the real estate brokerage business, model. Separating “brokerage services” away from the traditional sales cycle meant that Wynd Realty would grow as a “service provider” and not as a drain on its agents’ incomes. 
Wynd Realty remains focused on finding new ways to offer experienced real estate agents the greatest amount of flexibility and cost control. Today Wynd Realty remains Atlanta, Georgia’s only brokerage to provide a no-cost self-branding program that encourages our agents to create, market, and advertise themselves under their own realty brand.

Now is the time for a flat fee brokerage firm, that pays at closing!

Stop investing in others. Invest in yourself Join hundreds of Atlanta real estate agents, making the change. Money saved can be money better spent. Join Wynd Realty and spend the brokerage savings on your own realty brand. The services you need for $14.95/month.

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