2021 – The Road Ahead

When Wynd Realty started, it would have been silly for us to think we could compete against the big franchises.  A better thing for us to do was to create a “playing field” where the big franchises couldn’t compete against us.  Fast forward ten years and Wynd Realty has annual home sales of nearly $100M and an Agent community of over 300.   While we are thrilled with this progress, it should be noted, this slow roll has been made possible, solely through the benefit of agent word-of-mouth.

Not competing against the franchises also meant we couldn’t spend like them either.  We don’t advertise.  We don’t recruit.  We never get press.  We don’t market to consumers.  Our “Brand” isn’t that important.  The goal was never to re-create a franchise.  Our goal was much simpler; become a “service provider” to sales agents.

Wynd Realty doesn’t care if you’re a full-time agent, part-time agent, referral or investor agent.  It doesn’t matter if an agent is starting their career or winding one down, if they own a real estate license, Wynd Realty can help.  By providing a base set of features that every licensee needs to have, Wynd Realty creates the ideal sandbox from which anything can spring.  

Want to create your own DBA?  Develop something different?  Want to simply “hang your license” in anticipation of an opportunity?  Perhaps you’re looking for a team?  A real estate license is one of the best gig economy investments one can have.  Our role is to simply help agents use their licenses. 

What happens to Wynd Realty over the next several years is wildly unknown.  The only sure thing, whatever strategy is taken, the Wynd agent community will be the ones driving.    

Franchises represent the real estate industry’s “status quo”.  Their messaging is as stale and dated today as it was decades ago.  For the franchise agent, not much has changed, but sadly, their volume continues.  Of the top 25 Atlanta real estate brokerages, 14 of them are KW.  This is not surprising given the MLM focus of the KW brand. 

MLMs are appealing to many, but they can also be equally off-putting.  Read KWs Glassdoor reviews and you will read a lot of wonderful things.  You will also read; too many agents!  Well, you joined an MLM, what did you expect? 

But this blog isn’t about KW or the franchise concept.  It’s about an alternative.  Just like sharks, MLMs and franchises must continually recruit.  These non-stop efforts always generate more than enough leads for an alternative.  Wynd Realty is that alternative.  We hear it all the time; “KW can be a little too cult-ish?” Putting aside any degree of cultism being acceptable, Wynd Realty certainly isn’t that.   

What’s going to happen in 2021? 

Wynd will continue to plod along on the same course it always has.  A lot of new agents will join, only to ask a few weeks later; now what?  They will probably end up at a franchise.   Wynd Realty will continue to grow from agents who don’t fit traditional stereotypes.   

To this end, Wynd Realty pledges to improve agent communication for 2021.  In 2020 we adopted SLACK as our internal messaging platform.  Unfortunately, the past year was so off the rails, adoption of SLACK never rose to the level of being as helpful as it could.   That changes in 2021.

Wynd Realty NEEDS SLACK.  The rules of group development and dynamics tell us our 300-member Agent community already exceeds the optimal size for hierarchal communication.   Therefore, in order to grow and continue providing value-added services, company communications must be originated and managed from multiple sources.   This gives agents a very unique opportunity.   In short, the kids have taken over the classroom.  Where do YOU see things going?

Wynd Realty agents will drive company strategy going forward, in large part, because Wynd Realty doesn’t have a pre-destined plan of its own.  That may sound bad, but by design, we are the plain vanilla wrapper.  

So join Wynd Realty and let your voice be heard.  Join Wynd Realty to hear the voices of others.  Join Wynd Realty and slowly change the Atlanta real estate industry.

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