Let’s Get Political

Real estate isn’t political.  But it could be.

There is a political movement happening in the South that has tremendous impact on the Atlanta real estate market.  Reverse migration has been going on for over a decade.  Charles Blow, New Times columnist, wrote about this phenomenon in his book, “The Devil You Know”.   He later followed his book with an HBO documentary on the same topic.   https://www.hbo.com/movies/south-to-black-power  In both cases Blow argues the way for Black Americans to overcome white supremacy and realize political power is to move back to the South and establish huge voting constituencies.   

The concept behind migration to realize political power makes perfect sense.  And, it’s been done before.      

Vermont is the most liberal State in the Union.  That didn’t happen overnight.  How did a collection of rural communities become bastions of liberalism? In a word: hippies.  As Blow points out, hippies in the 1970s flocked to Vermont in a “back to the earth” social movement.  What had started out as nothing more than patchouli oil fever dream morphed into a controlling stake in all things political.   It’s hard to see Vermont ever turning away from liberalism.  It’s in their DNA at this point.   

Florida is the craziest State in the Union.  On this point there is no debate.  Florida is also home to “The Villages”.   Unlike Vermont’s hippies, The Villages attract those who are educationally challenged.  They aren’t big “readers” and yet they know everything.   It’s a living museum to white privilege.  You know what else you don’t see in The Villages?  Democrats.   The entire place is a snow-globe of Q-ANON conspiracy theories and bat-shit ideas.   Will the Villages ever become liberal?   Not a chance in hell.    

Atlanta is the Black capital of the United States.   Reverse migration is having a huge impact on the entire Southeast part of the United States, but for Atlanta these changes will be transformational.   Money buys homeownership.  Homeownership buys political power.

Atlanta, already the seat of Black wealth in America, is set to explode over the next decade.  Black retirees from the north will take advantage of the “housing exchange rate” they realize in the Atlanta.  Retirement dollars go so much further in the South.  So do “start-up” dollars.  What young black professionals can realize in Atlanta far exceeds the opportunities they have in other parts of the Country.  As the saying goes, if you can make it in Atlanta, you can make it anywhere. 

Being good at sales means being good at reading the room.  Real estate agents need to know what Atlanta’s new transplants want.  And research is telling us they want power!  Political power.  And if an agent wants to take advantage of this massive trend, they will need to become experts.

Becoming an expert in politics is simple.   A little online homework is all that is needed.  Learn your city boundary lines.  Learn congressional district lines.  Learn the who’s who of your local City Council.  When do Council members terms expire?  Who will be running? 

Attend a town hall today.  Read the room.  Learn what people are talking about.  What are the local issues?  How can you help?  And don’t forget, many people moving to Atlanta WANT to be a part of a political movement.   People want to feel welcome, and they want to feel they are part of something much larger.   And what has the potential to grow in Atanta may be something many of our new transplants have never experienced.

Politics and being politically aware is an agent’s asset when selling to the Black community.  Conversely political awareness can be a career killer in rural White communities.  Stay away from politics at all costs.   Last year we wrote a blog on the stunning ignorance of Marjorie Taylor Greene hurting home values in the southern part of Georgia’s 16th district.  You want strong home values—vote her out!  It wasn’t well received.    We wanted agents to warn their Buyer’s when considering the 16th.  Are you sure you want to do this?  Your “neighborhood” just elected Marjorie Taylor Greene.  It wasn’t well received. 

On one hand, agents should embrace politics, it will bring them money.  On the other hand, agents should run away from politics as it will only hurt them.   It’s a sad state of affairs, but, we’re just reading the room. 


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