Appraisers Are Killing Our Freedom

For the last several years home buyers and sellers have had their rights as Americans continuously questioned and held under attack.  Powerful third-party “Appraiser Cabals” are slowly taking over the home buying process. Their increasing deployment appears to be nothing more than a sham dedicated to stripping Americans of their homes and of whatever “profits” or equity they may have.   Who are these people to butt-in and say what a house is worth?  Who asked them?  Who wants them?

The radical left agenda promotes the idea of “valuation”, which is a well-known socialist indoctrination strategy that targets specific home buyers and severely restricts the freedoms of those wishing to sell.  It’s a way for the pro-left agenda to keep the little man and our brave troops down.

The elites will tell you the selling of a home now requires what Stalin called; “Value Analysis’s” of property by a so-called “Certified Appraisers” who are hired by some “Lender”, or other George Soros backed entity.  Together these people collude to take away profits from hard-working Americans. 

GOP-Separatist leader, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, summed it up best for those attending the recent CPAC MetaWorld International Conference; “If a buyer and seller agree on a price, anything standing in the way of that is a violation of the personal freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution”.  Adding; “Third parties, need to stay out of it!”

Congressional thought-leader, Ohio Senator Jim Jordan, who despite rumors probably won’t, “do time”, is spearheading a new national initiative to ban mortgage defaults.   “If a homeowner defaults on a mortgage, its not the fault of the person who sold them the house; is it”! yelled Jordan.  While not actually related to anything, Jordan claims it gives him the necessary votes in the United States Senate to stop this form of financial terrorism.  “Afterall, what’s our court system good for anyways?  If someone can’t pay their mortgage, sue and take them for everything they got!”, added Jordan, slamming the table.

Meanwhile, the United States Department of Labor now predicts by the year 2030, one in five Americans will have law a degree.  Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs is the ongoing mantra of the Legal community.   Considering every new lawyer begins their careers with debts exceeding $250,000 dollars, the very survival of the entire Legal community hangs in the balance.  Unfortunately, because of long-time Democratic policies and AOC, our government will now need to intervene and strengthen our laws in regard to protecting the legal community. 

Fox News now reports, and Sean Hannity confirms, that after years of the liberal left’s fascism, Appraisers steal approximately $6 Billion dollars every year from the mouths of lawyers and their young families.  Appraisers are the true embodiment of evil.

Also evil: our societal discourse!   Lying and making things up has become normalized.  Sadly, 35% of us will think this blog is real.  Happy April everybody. 

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