Happy New Year! 2020

I hope this finds everyone safe, happy and excited about the New Year.  I can’t wait!  

2020 is going to be a huge growth year for Wynd Realty.  And when we speak of growth, we don’t mean just in agent count.   We actually mean growth in terms of company development. 

Late last year we introduced Slack as our internal messaging program.  It’s a killer app that really changes the way we communicate and we look forward to continuing its deployment.   Also coming soon; an agent Facebook page.  

Logistical necessity required us to move our contract management to the cloud.  To that end, we introduced Paperless Pipeline.    Another great application, but more importantly an application that is helping us define company procedures and policies.   In one way, Paperless Pipeline is helping us grow-up as a company.   And, like their advertising proclaims, the time we save with Pipeline will be put to better use helping agents.

Will 2020 be the year of team development?  Hard not to find articles touting small team development as the next big thing.  Niche specific and focused.  Makes sense.  What doesn’t make sense?  Teams worrying about paperwork, compliance, IRS reporting, MLS management and accounting.   In concert with Wynd Realty’s DBA Program, teams can promote themselves as they see fit while offloading burdensome administration that nobody wants to do in the first place.      

Look for DBA development to continue to expand.  As alternate Brokerages become more mainstream, the idea of an agent creating their own brand will be considered “normal”.  To the consumer, an agent’s brand is just as valid as any brand pitched from a national franchise.  And, who’s to say a single agent can only create one brand?  Look for enterprising agents to create and market several brands simultaneously over multiple platforms.   The future is limited only by imagination. 

Last year we introduced the concept of a Brand Director.  Their mission is to not only be an agent’s point of contact for all things real estate, but to also be their Social and Marketing advisors.   Consumer communication has changed dramatically over the last several years.  Now, more than ever, agents need specialized messaging on platforms they may not be familiar with.   The Brand Director helps fill any communication voids in technology. 

On a personal side, 2020 will be the year we again try to introduce the concept of a “Community Realty”.  We tried, and failed a few years ago with a Community concept.  But, we learned a lot.  The premise is people who live in most condos and townhouse communities are getting ripped off by Realtors.  The idea is to create a sales environment where the seller saves and the Community benefits.  The preverbal win/win.  It really is possible.  Look for blog updates throughout the year.

Wynd Realty is uniquely positioned in the Atlanta market.  We have taken great pride in being different from the rest of the pact. As a matter of fact, we always envisioned Wynd as a brokerage created as if the agents were in charge.   A true, agent-first brokerage.   

Where will Wynd Realty end up in 2020?  Hard to say, but it’s a safe bet we will be wherever our agents tell us to be.

Again, Happy 2020! And don’t forget, let’s have some fun while we are at it!

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