KW Announces “Expansion Network”, Atlanta Yawns!

Amid usual KW fanfare, the company recently announced a new sales platform called, “The Expansion Network,”.  The unsaid goal of the program is to extract revenue from local markets at the expense of area franchisers.  Under terms of this new program, elite KW sales teams will be allowed to seamlessly enter any market in the United States.  Sounds fantastic!

Legally the KW Expansion Network is classified as a “brokerage”, but it’s sold to the KW community as a “Network”.  That’s because commissions from these “elite” sales teams are paid to the “Network” and NOT through the local franchises.  Commissions going to another brokerage comes off too much like competition.  It only appears like KW is favoring elite teams over local agents.  But, when you pay commissions to a “Network”, its much less threatening.  

For KW, the semantical gymnastics to pull off a program like this will truly be epic.  Good luck to them.   But to agents in Atlanta, what’s the big deal?  For decades, sales agents from all over the United States have been pouring through the Atlanta market like tap water.   Everyone can sell in Atlanta.

The Atlanta market has no barrier to entry for any licensed real estate agent in the U.S.  That’s because Atlanta isn’t a NAR market.  We are perhaps the largest metropolitan area NOT controlled by NAR.  Founded in 1908, NAR was set up as a hierarchical system consisting of hundreds of non-profit MLSs.    By creating hundreds of little fiefdoms, all with their own rules and by-laws, NAR ensured a muddled bureaucracy they could easily manipulate for the next 100 years.

But, the door to the Atlanta market has always been wide open.  Without NAR requirements, Atlanta agents have no Board dues.   Atlanta’s MLSs are “for-profit”.  They are FREE to join.  Agents come and go easily.  Most of Atlanta’s independent Brokerages have ditched the “commission split” long ago.   The Atlanta sales market is much more open and capitalistic in its approach to sales.   

With little to no money, any agent anywhere can become a part of the Atlanta market.  A few years ago, we had a bunch of out-of-State agents offering outrageous Listing deals.  They landed a few.  Made a few bucks and left.  This appears to be part of a pattern.  Out-of-State agents easily parachute in, work a few deals and disappear as suddenly as they came.  We have been working this way for years and can attest there is nothing new about this.   It’s common in Atlanta.  

Last month KW announced their Expansion Network through their own reviews calling themselves; “groundbreaking”, “a gamechanger” and “radical”.  Never ashamed to overstate, KW’s announcement also included:  “The existence of the KW Expansion Network unlocks the potential for top agents to grow their businesses into empires and to take their influence to the national stage”.   Wow, the mere existence of something creating opportunity MUST be something special. 

Turns out, Wynd Realty has been an expansion network all along.   The Wynd Realty community of 300+ local agents has been helping out-of-Staters for years.   Many of our agents are part-time.  This makes for an ideal coupling of our local agents with agents from other States.  Part-timers have licenses but not the time to implement long term sales strategies.  For the most part, they have other jobs.  But, given a task, these part-time agents are some of the best local resources you’ll meet.    And, as a group, very appreciative of the work.

Out of State agents, come to Atlanta.  The water is warm and inviting.  Don’t worry, Georgia has reciprocity with every State in the Union so the light is always lit green.  There are no Boards to join and no upfront fees.  It costs absolutely nothing to be set up in the Atlanta market. 

Nothing to start, but there are some fees to consider.  Wynd Realty charges agents $12.95 a month for affiliation and complete MLS membership.   Wynd Realty is a transaction-based Brokerage.  Our fee is always $300 a transaction.   A $100K home sale or a $10M home sale, is just $300 dollars to Wynd.  Many out-of-state agents have said over the years, they wished they had our type of affiliation back home.  That’s Atlanta! 

Now that we know we are an Expansion Network, we want to make it easier than ever for agents to “expand”.  See the links below for everything you will need to become an Atlanta salesperson.  

Georgia Reciprocal Application

Broker Sponsorship Form

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