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It certainly isn’t daring to say the future of real estate is in technology.  A lot of money has been spent on agent management systems with lots of shiny tools and statistics.  But the technology that will change our industry the most has nothing to do with real estate at all. 

Five years ago, Wynd Realty introduced SLACK, a team messaging application to our agents.  SLACK, owned by Salesforce, is leading edge provider of business productivity platforms.   The SLACK roll-out to our agent community failed.  It never really caught on.

There are a lot of reasons SLACK didn’t work as well as we had hoped.  Who needs another app, another login, another thing to check.  It sounded like a hassle.  But most of all, we failed to properly sell SLACK and show its benefit.  Not so much SLACK specific, but these types of application platforms are the technology that will have the greatest short-term effect. 

As we move away from the franchise system a couple of structural changes will take place.  Real estate offices will become obsolete.  The offices you will see act more as living ads than they do actual workplaces.  Most full-time agents will want their own brands.   This means that without the idea of a “home base”, which the franchises did provide, we are creating a bunch of “silo environments”. 

On a farm, silos prevent different grains from mixing.  Great for a farm, but this is terrible for a business environment.  Historically real estate has always had a silo problem.     Ever sit in a sales meeting and hear the same old tired stories and ideas.  Nobody actually “shares” what they think is a good idea.  It’s just easier to dance around the topic and look like you are participating.         

Will Wynd Realty be a new “home base” going forward?  For some, sure.   For part-time and occasional agents the Wynd Realty brand is just fine.  But if you’re full-time and making a career in real estate, you are your own “home base”.   Agents, not the Broker, are the drivers of their own vision.  The Broker’s job is to provide the tools.

Enter SLACK.  Yes, there are lone wolf agents, but they’re rare.  For the most part people need to feel a connection.   SLACK allows for groups, teams, and discussion panels, to form in an open environment or by invitation.   Users on their own can organically grow whatever they want.   Remember SLACK isn’t for the Broker, it’s for the agent community at large to use as they see fit.  

Wynd Realty has over 450 agents.  The amount of experience and knowledge in our community is staggering. We are a powerful presence in that regard.  Wynd Realty is also extremely diverse.    This is EXACTLY the environment that platforms like SLACK were created for.   Large communities that could be easily segmented by any number of off-shoots.   A living, breathing community unto itself.

It would be great if Wynd Realty, through SLACK or something similar, featured dozens of sub-groups and different sales teams.   It’s Wynd’s intention to use readily available, widely distributed software to develop an agent-created home-base for referral opportunities, tech support, and continuing education.  Given our agent profile; there are NO real estate questions the Wynd Realty community couldn’t answer.   

Hopefully 2024 will be the year SLACK or something similar takes root.  If you have experience using SLACK-like products, we would love to hear from you.  If there is a different “platform” agents would like us to consider, let us know. 

The top-down Broker approach of, “this is what you need to do” is over.   The one size fits all mentality may have worked a couple of generations ago, but it doesn’t work today.    Every aspect of everything is so much more complicated and layered now.  No one person, no one strategy, no one business model is the answer.   The answer can only come from within those who know it best—our Agents!

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