Pause the Cause

It takes a lot of money to be a Realtor.  (Note the capital “R”) For many, it’s a calling.  A membership in something greater than themselves.  A belief in a mission that serves a higher purpose.  But like all great things, it comes with a cost.

Interest rates will soon soar past 7%.  This will have significant impact on our industry.  The pool of potential buyers and sellers will most likely experience contraction over the next several months.  But, unlike many, I am not predicting doom and gloom.  I see a bump.  A pause in the market.  Make no mistake, life will return to normal.

The Fed had to raise interest rates in an effort to protect ourselves from ourselves.  Buyers and sellers, fueled by an overly dramatic media, were going crazy.   Prices were flying well beyond any reasonable appraisal points.  Consumers were getting hurt.

I understand the initial correction.  It worked.   It settled everything down.  Why the interest rate continues to climb is a mystery to me?   What does it mean?  I don’t know, but it sure sends a signal that NOW may be the time to cut back or re-evaluate the money you spend being a Realtor.   

As we head into another Holiday season, it’s the most logical time to take a pause on expenses.  The average monthly fee for a “franchise” Realtor in Atlanta is $75.00.  In order to be a Realtor the NAR/GAR dues amount to another $535.00 a year or roughly $45.00 a month.   Together these fees amount to nearly $120.00 month. 

When times are flush, $120.00 isn’t that much of a concern.  You love your Broker and don’t mind contributing to or playing your part within the industry.  But what if you could lower your monthly costs by over a $100 a month without any interruption in realty services? 

The monthly fee at Wynd Realty is $12.95.  That is roughly ten percent (10%) of what an average franchise agent pays monthly.  Or a savings of 90% from traditional formats.    

Changing brokerages is a big deal.  Agents have invested a lot of money in the national brands they love.  It has become a part of their identity.   But you can give it a rest for a while.  Step out from under all the traditional expense.  At least while this market is so unsettled.  Your old Broker will love to have you back anytime you want.  They will always be there.  At the very least franchise Brokers should be open to lowering their monthly fees.  Try it. 

As we all know, the 2023 NAR invoice is due by 12-31-22.  And Happy New Year to you too! 

Again, NAR is another organization that you can pause every now and then.  Step back, rejoin NAR next spring.  Save yourself some money.  They will welcome you back with open arms whenever you want to return.

Sure, I pitch Wynd Realty.  But, on behalf of all Atlanta’s proud “little r” real estate brokerages, save yourself some money before year’s end!  There’re lot of us out here.  Check one of us out.  Remember, Atlanta is the only real estate market in the United States that features more non-Realtors than it does traditional dues paying Realtors. 

Talk about silent majority! 

Discover the world of Atlanta’s independent real estate Brokerages.  We really aren’t as crazy as some franchises would have you believe.        

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