The Real Estate Brokerage of the Future is: (hint) Like Soap

Get any agent recipe cards lately? I still get calendars from Harry Norman. Makes me wonder if advertising on those tri-fold maps at the gas station was such a good idea? (Insert family “hearth” photo here)

All great marketing ideas in their day. But obviously, some ideas don’t wear as well as others. Email and Smartphones, both great right. But, has the spam mentality of email moved to the smartphone? Replace boner pills with political solicitation and remind me how the two are different? 

Previously we have written how agents can use the “way” we speak with one another as a differentiator. OK, so how? For that, we propose a new industry job classification: Real Estate Brand Director. A job category that today, can only be found in Atlanta Georgia.

Atlanta is home to the agent DBA. Here, sales agents are allowed to brand themselves under any name they see fit. As traditional franchise brands continue to fade, thousands agents are finding themselves without a visible online identity. Herein lies our opportunity.

How do Brokerages grow? Tradition tell us by hiring more Sales Managers. Really? Agents know how to sell, that’s not the problem. What agents may not know, in our ever-changing world, is Social Media and Marketing. At the very least, agents now require a Broker who is looking out for their best Social interest.

Wynd Realty is establishing the role of Real Estate Brand Director.

These professionals are dedicated advocates to the value of a real estate license. If you sell dozens of homes or only a couple, or if you sell no homes but work referrals and rentals, a real estate license is an incredible tool for people to have. The question is, how do agents want to use their license? Brand Directors will see agents get the most out of their license in exactly the way they want to use it.

While licensed agents themselves, Brand Directors don’t focus on home sales. Their focus is on communications. Managing the outbound communications for their agents as well as taking a lead role across all internal communication platforms. 

Wynd Realty is a real estate Brokerage OF sales agents, FOR sales agents. As a Brokerage, we have no grand plan or methodology of what the future will bring. Wynd Realty is here to provide sales agents with the baseline set of services that everyone needs. Wynd Realty Brand Directors recruit and work with new agents to ensure it’s the agent’s message and the agent’s brand that is being promoted, not Wynd Realty.

*Again, nobody cares about the Broker. But, Brokers can be incubators and test labs for others. Brokers can enable any number of multiple brands. And, it’s those enabled brands who will ultimately become important to the consumer. Wynd Realty believes the future is in helping build realty brands; do you? 

Brand Director Requirements

Independent, self-starting, team builders who are:

-Social Media Conversant -Technically Proficient, (Slack experience a Plus)
-Have Some Sales Experience*
-Real Estate License Required

If you agree with Wynd Realty’s philosophical, “by agents for agents”, approach, we would love to hear from you. If you are interested in being a leader toward building a new direction for our industry, we would love to hear from. To learn more about our Directors program, download our overview.

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