The Reckoning

Maybe no one will notice?

Every news feed in America has multiple stories regarding our industry’s commission problem.  And every one of those stories highlights how much cheaper it will be for the consumer to sell a home.  And if that wasn’t enough, one of the Law firms who made all this possible is literally mailing EVERY HOMEOWNER in America.   Their message: hop on board the “settlement train” and grab your fair share of the pot.  So yes, people will most definitely notice.

It’s very easy to find a lot of doom and gloom articles on this topic.  And clearly some Brokers are struggling with depression.   Wynd Realty doesn’t understand any of that!  Yes, things will change.  But they will change for the greater good.   Never forget the United States real estate industry is critical to the American way of life.   It’s not going anywhere and even in the worst of times it still generates billions of dollars. 

And YES, home sellers WERE paying too much to sell their homes!  Our bad.

Cheaper costs to the Seller will mean much less commission money available for all agents involved.  Many see this is a problem.  Others see the shrinking pool of money as a management problem.  After all, there are very few problems that can’t be managed around.   Given this scenario, what would every company in the World do? 

Answer: Cut Costs!

The mailer being sent to every homeowner in America will not be read.  It will be briefly scanned by the reader.  The small print and legalese pretty much ensures folks won’t be spending too much time trying to digest nuance.   But notice what does pop out?  Keller Williams, Anywhere Real Estate, ReMax etc.  These are the companies found guilty of the collusion crimes that led to all these lawsuits and settlements. 

These are the companies that have been found guilty of ripping off the consumer for decades.  While this statement is true, it’s a little harsh and lacks context.   But the average consumer sitting on the sidelines cares little for context and is only looking for someone to blame.  Just look at the mailer, it’s pretty easy to see who is responsible for all this mess.

Wynd Realty may not be a perfect fit for everyone.  But if you are under 45 years of age, please, get the hell away from any national franchise brand found guilty of collusion or any national franchise highlighted in this, “get-on-board” mailer.   They’re poison to a young career. 

The Atlanta real estate market is loaded with dozens of non-NAR, independent real estate brokerages.   Most with flat-fee business models.  But if you don’t see a Broker who fits your needs, start your own firm.  It’s a great time for new brands to emerge.   Trust me, your idea for something new is just as valid as anyone else’s.  This is what makes the next couple of years so exciting.  It’s a new game, with new players.  And no body knows what’s going to happen next—with one huge exception!

National franchises.  The real estate brands responsible for the decades of deceit in the past will NOT be significant players in the new real estate era going forward.  But don’t worry, the franchises aren’t going away, they’re simply going to their new home.  A home where Boomers gather to talk about recipe cards, print advertising, calendars, and cocktail parties.   And why not, in many cases these franchises were an agent’s social system.  It’s where they hung out and made friends. 

Again, if you are under 45 years of age, the old-folks home is NOT where you want to be.    

Agents under the age of 40 represent 26% of all agents.  Of the remaining 74% of all agents over 40, it skews much higher in age.  Fans of math and statistics will tell you it’s a no-brainer.  One group will clearly rise.  The other group will be doing their farewell tours. 

Today, there are still over 10K agents in Atlanta who identify with a national franchise.  That would mean, there are over 2,600 agents who would be better served by not identifying this way.      

Check out Atlanta’s independent Broker community today.   It will cut your costs! Manage the pool of commission money differently.  Cut out the unnecessary.    And break from the past.  

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