The industry is burning while NAR tunes its fiddle.  Ignore the legal talk, that’s for lawyers.  Sit back and enjoy some of NARs homemade sweet tea.

Do real estate stories from outside of Georgia make sense to you?  For years I would read agent stories and strategies from other parts of the Country, and I would never really understand them.  What were they talking about?

This is the same feeling I get when watching Fox News.  What they’re saying is different from what others are saying and they promote that position through a certain type of ideology.   Inman News, a long-time real estate industry fanzine, promotes the NAR ideology in much the same fashion as Fox promotes the GOP. 

The odds of seeing Rachel Maddow on FOX News are roughly the same as Inman News covering any sort of anti-NAR messaging.  Wynd Realty and all the other non-NAR Independent brokerages of Atlanta simply don’t exist in the Inman News world. 

Last month, I received an email from Inman News’s “Agent EdgeSkills and service to sharpen your saw”.  It was titled; “Lacking Momentum?”.  Aside from the terrible title, it’s a perfect example of messaging and reality being wildly out of sync.  Please remember this email was sent in September 2023!

This year, it’s all about the pivot. (*) Some listing agents are having to pivot to working with buyers. (**) Some all-purpose agents are pivoting to a hyperfocused niche. (***) Some avid door knockers are pivoting to direct mail. Some agents who’ve counted on profit share programs to supplement lean times are pivoting to a new plan altogether. (+)

(*) “..having to work with buyers”.  There are “Listing Only Agents?” Who knew?  In 15 years while working with thousands of agents, I’ve never heard a single agen say; “Oh no, I ONLY work with Sellers”. In Atlanta, a client is a client is a client.

(**)   What are “all-purpose” agents?  If someone asked me to identify Wynd Realty’s “all-purpose” agents, I wouldn’t know what they were talking about.  It’s common for some agents to specialize in certain characteristics of real estate, horse farms, tennis courts, boat docks, acreage, etc.   Pivoting to a Hyperfocused niche sounds much cooler than specializing, but it’s the same thing.  Apparently, the horse farm market is going to have a lot of all-purpose agents pivoting toward it. 

(***) WTF!  Mind-bending! “…avid door knockers”?  Knocking on doors in 2023 will get you shot!  Under no circumstances would Wynd Realty ever promote door knocking!  What an incredibly stupid thing to promote.  “Avid” implies there are many agents STILL doing this?  Stop it!  Advising door knockers to “pivot” to direct mail is like asking them to move from the 1950s to the 1990s.   It would be hysterical if it weren’t so sad. 

(+) Pyramid schemes are gimmicks.  Who “counts” on a gimmick for the lean times?

Atlanta agents, most of the Country is forced into NAR membership.  Atlanta agents are NOT forced into anything.   NAR is optional in Atlanta.  This is what makes Atlanta’s view of real estate so wildly different from anywhere else in America. 

West coast agents tell us we are lying about our $350 flat fee on a $10M dollar sale.  (We aren’t) Midwest agents can’t believe our agents don’t have to pay Board Dues.  (They don’t) East coast agents tell us our $14.95 a month plan must be some sort of scam.  (It isn’t) “You can’t include an MLS for that!” (We do)

Unlike any other metro markets, Atlanta agents aren’t forced to live in the past.  Ours is a view others can only dream about.   Embrace the uniqueness of our market—ditch the past, ditch the franchise, and go independent today!  Reality will become much clearer. 

And we’re all going to need clarity after yesterday’s landmark decision.  Sounds like the rest of the Country might be catching up to Atlanta.  

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