A Toast for Change!

Every Broker in the America has a, “2024 is a big year for change” speech.  While there are many different opinions and beliefs, it’s all good.  As long as “change” remains the end goal, any path will take us there.  But like all things in life, some opinions are more on the outer edges than the rest.

Discussions about a more “European” realty business model are interesting to talk about, but not realistic.  In most Countries abroad real estate commissions are tied to a VAT (Value Added Tax).  That’s not going to happen in the United States.  End of discussion.    I hear many of our franchise brothers and sisters talk about nothing really happening.  “All the lawsuits and Internet fodder will have little to no effect on our daily lives”.   Again, that seems a bit optimistic.

In normal times, stories of NAR and the world of real estate regulation bore people to tears.  Being unnoticed was the point in much of NARs work after all.  But with the recent DOJs decision, and a number of high-profile lawsuits ramping up, NAR has in a sense; “jumped the shark”.  I know it’s an old reference, but what else describes crossing over to a point of no return better?   This DOJ commission story is on your mom’s Facebook feed.  It’s national news.  It’s a story seen featured at the check-out line next to the article on Dolly Parton’s Cowboy outfit. When people hear about it—they love it.   So, to say there will be no change in the next year hints of having a head somewhere in the sand.

So, what’s on the table?  Reduced commissions?  Sliding scale or flat fee?  Menu approach to agent services?  Hourly contract work?  And if the realty brands of all the national franchises has been “stained”, where will the new brands come from?  Nobody knows.     

Wynd Realty is a “brokerage services company” for real estate agents.  We are agnostics to sales approach and agent strategy.   We enable agents for any direction they choose to follow.   

Wynd Realty’s goal is to be both an incubator for new ideas and a safe haven for agents continuing their real estate careers in any manner they desire. 

Franchise brands will take a huge hit in 2024.  Agents may not want to associate with so much ‘bad press”.  But a fresh start with an independent brokerage can be discomforting and welcoming at the same time.

Wynd Realty is a sales agent’s service provider, not their real estate “partner”.  Our flat-fee approach eliminates the concept of a “commission split”.   There is simply no reason agents need to share their commission with anyone.

Agent brands are encouraged.  Our DBA program was designed to be a brand stairstep agents can use on their way to creating their own Brokerages.   Starting your own real estate company can cost a lot of money, particularly up-front.   For less than $300 dollars, DBAs allow agents to “test drive” their ideas for market viability.  DBAs can look, act and function exactly like the company they are trying to become.   

This low-cost DBA approach gives agents room to fail.  The DBA didn’t work out?  For $300 bucks start another DBA and learn from the mistakes of the first DBA.  Wynd Realty is here to support all types of real estate activity. 

Wynd Realty also knows the answers are numerous.  No single entity has it.  But, if history is to be any guide, follow the arch of the pendulum.  We are moving from strict NAR-driven national franchises to something else in the opposite direction.  Look for creative local brands to stand out!

Wynd Realty believes in creating an environment where agents can carve out their own niche.  Within our community of over 450 agents, we are extremely diverse.  To that end, Wynd Realty utilizes the Slack Application as our company-wide communication tool for agents.  Agents can group, organize and create with each other without any Broker involvement.  It’s an incubator.  A platform of shared ideas and a community of agent support. 

Yes, I believe 2024 will be a year of big change.  I wish I could be more specific.  But consider this, real estate has been operating from a  top-down approach for a very long time.  Look for our next changes to come from the other direction. 

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