Happy Birthday Wynd Realty!

In many ways it seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 10th anniversary.  But considering that was two years BEFORE Covid, it also seems like a lifetime ago.   

Wynd Realty is a story of timing.  In 2008 the real estate industry was in the midst of its biggest meltdown in generations.  It didn’t seem like a good time to start a real estate company.   But, in truth, 2008 was the perfect time to start a real estate company.   The industry was changing, and agents were looking for something different. 

Sales weren’t impressive during our early years.  But within our first 12 months, Wynd Realty grew from zero to 179 agents.  We knew we were on to something.   Later this summer we will celebrate our 3,000th home sale.  A figure we couldn’t have dreamt of in 2008.

Full Cycle

So here we are back at the beginning.  2008 was a total mess!  2023 has severe problems.    Today’s level of Agent’s concern and anxiety has risen to rival that of 2008.  So, what’s an Agent’s next step?  Where does it go from there?  We haven’t a clue.  We didn’t in 2008 either.  We just followed the math. 

Even at its worst in 2008, the real estate industry still transacted over six million homes.   Today, dire news of DOJ lawsuits, interest rates, bank fails, franchise fails, and plummeting stock prices dominate the headlines, but it doesn’t change the fact that millions of homes will still need to be sold. 

Wynd Realty is here for the long play.  There is no reason we can’t do another 15 years! 

BTW, of the 179 Agents that joined us in 2008, 65 are still with us.  In an era where agents change their Broker affiliation like socks, this statistic is truly amazing.   We can’t possibly thank those folks enough! 

THANK YOU Atlanta!  Let’s continue shaping Atlanta real estate toward the future. 

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