I Find the Tinsel Distracting

I Gotta Lot of Problems with You People….

While the “Feats of Strength” remain the fan favorite, it’s the “Airing of Grievances” that really bring home the true meaning of Festivus.   So much disappointment to wallow in.

Flow is valued at $1 Billion dollars
Flow isn’t a company or product, but rather an idea of Adam Neumann to disrupt the real estate industry.  Adam is the tool who fled with billions of dollars as he led WeWork into the ditch.  He is a con man with a haircut!  That’s it! 

Softbank not losing money fast enough
Softbank is the principal investor in Compass Realty.  Since 2017, Compass has lost $1.7 billion dollars.  Softbank, spread your money around, there are tons of totally unworkable business models you can invest in.  You could have lost $5-$6 billion by now.

Commodity home pricing
Pricing for soybeans, wheat and other commodities can vary daily in large part to the temporary nature of the product itself.  Homes aren’t temporary and nor are they commodities.  Their price is not subject to daily whim and discussion.  Real estate is a long-term play and no fun at all as an everyday drama.  

Thank god KW became a technology company several years ago
As planned, KW can now lean into their technology and survive the market downturns in both real estate and the natural aging and retirements of most of their sales community.  

“Protecting homeowner rights”; found to be fraudulent
It’s a false flag.  Its 2022 everybody, no one is going after anyone’s property rights.  It’s not the wild west anymore.  The fake boogey man is the staple of the grift.   Notice how quick NAR is to take credit for something and yet never explain how or what they did?  They just repeat the mantra, “protecting homeowner rights” and insert it in every 4th sentence.   

Exit Realty is still “open”?
Why! They have been killing agent careers since their inception. 

 Wall Street
You advised your clients to invest in real estate brokerages?  Proud of that one are ya?  They create nothing, offer even less, and are held together by the duct tape of NAR.   Truly a bad call.  Investing in Lotto tickets would have made more sense.   Good thing the underwriters held shorts. 

Compass Crash and Burn Pool
Funding their own Crash & Burn Pool might actually be Compass’s only financial way out.  When will Compass Realty finally run out of CASH?  We’re taking 7-15-2023

Lawsuit Against Gary Keller will not be televised
Robbing all Realtors of our very own JohnnyDeep/Amber Heard moment.  Former KW CEO John Davis’s case against Gary Keller goes to court.   He said/she said with a sexual misconduct allegation.  And yes, poop will be thrown.  

NARs Political Contributions Dribble in at only $56M
NAR forced to add “Special Assessment” for 2023 dues.   NARs political contributions in 2022 of $56M is an outright embarrassment to all the friends of NAR within the DC beltway.  NAR: step it up!  If you can’t come up with at least $100M dollars, homeowner rights will most definitely be in jeopardy. 

This concludes the 2022 “Airing of Grievances”.

We would like to end Festivus this year, as we always do, thanking the ex-homeowners of Inman Park for their relentless contributions to our realty community.   Year after year sellers in Inman Park gift our community hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In 2022, ex-Inman Park homeowners donated nearly $500K for absolutely no reason at all.  But look out, someday, maybe 2023, the homeowners of Inman Park will learn what, “Days on Market” means to them.  

DOM for Inman Park in 2022 was a mind-blowing 9.9 days.  Given that, there was and continues to be NO REASON Inman Park sellers needed to pay a Buyers agent 3% of their equity.  Inman Park sells—period!  Yet in 2022, EVERY home sale had a 3% buyer’s agent price tag and every Listing Agent knew better.   There is NO reason to pay 3%.  Period! One percent (1%) to the Buyer’s agent would have worked just as well.  In 2022 the difference between 1% and 3% of Inman Park equity was a whopping $478K.   Stolen in plain sight. 

In the event you actually meet an ex-Inman Park homeowner in passing, remember; avert your gaze, thank them for their service and move on


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