Welcome 2023!

Happy New Year from Wynd Realty; Atlanta’s largest real estate brokerage you never heard of.  We hope 2023 will be the year we change that.    

For the last fifteen years, Wynd Realty advertised and promoted itself only within the agent/realtor community.   It made no sense for us at the time to message against dozens of national franchises.  But that was a long time ago.  Since, Wynd Realty has had nearly a billion dollars in home sales.  ($130M in sales for 2022)

Today our roster is over 375 sales agents.   It is important to note these are NOT your everyday rubber-stamped franchise types.  These agents gave up on the franchise business model years ago and now represent a significant market share in the new era of real estate.  

Real estate is local. Period.  There is no need for Sellers to pay into a national franchise, who by design, continually needs more and more money for the ongoing task of forever promoting itself.   Sellers pay for real estate services from the equity they have earned in their homes.   Meaning sellers are giving up part of their equity to pay for wildly unnecessary Realtor bullshit.  Sorry for the language, but that’s what it is!  Funding downstream bonus programs or a Broker’s President Club to Mexico, it’s all BS!  Sellers, stop paying for it! 

The real estate mystery no one can answer:

Why do Sellers pay the sales commission of the agent they are negotiating against?  Part 2: Can you name another scenario on earth where this happens? 

I have asked this question of Brokers, Professors, Lawyers, media-types and basically everyone I have met over the last fifteen years.  I have yet to hear a valid answer.   

The real estate secret no one wants told:

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has no influence or control over the Atlanta real estate market. 

So what?  Well, this makes Atlanta the most unique real estate market in the United States.  And this also means there are those who would prefer Atlanta homeowners not be aware of this fact.   

The end result of this “secret” costs Atlanta-area homeowners millions of dollars every year.   Don’t believe me, ask the ex-homeowners of Inman Park.  Every year as a collective this group unnecessarily donates away hundreds of thousands of dollars to our realty community.   Don’t be them.

For years agents have told me, “don’t tell people how much you charges us because it will make us look like discount agents”.  And that is exactly what a franchise agent will say.    Fact of the matter is by telling the consumer of our fees, we are falling on our own sword for the benefit of everyone else.   Being transparently honest is NOT how a franchise brokerage operates.  But it’s how Wynd Realty works.  Being upfront and honest sets our agents apart.

Make no mistake, there is nothing discount about our agent community.   Quite the opposite.  Our agents don’t follow the dictates of a national overseer.  They run their businesses as they see fit.  Wynd Realty is simply their service provider.

I encourage everyone to visit our website to meet our agents and read our messaging.    Specifically visit our blog page.  https://wyndrealty.com/blog/  There you will find years upon years of articles, written for the agent community, discussing the hopes of a new era in real estate.   Compare our messaging to anything from KW, ReMax, Compass, Coldwell, Sotheby’s, etc, etc, etc.   They all look and read pretty much the same.   And we are VERY different from that.

Community is a good word to describe our agents.  With nearly 400 of us, I can’t begin to add up all the collective years of experience.   Let’s just call it a milenia+.  That represents a lot of talent and experience that gets shared amongst us.  You may not know this, but those big national real estate chains, not so big on sharing.    

Over the next several blogs we will be breaking down many of the issues we see facing the real estate industry.  How Wynd Realty plans to meet these challenges will again be very different from the norm.  Stay tuned!

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