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Fox Theatre Inc, the owner and operator of Atlanta’s nostalgic old-time theater, has signed an agreement effectively immediately, to transfer all of its rites and operating control to CWC Inc. of Orlando Florida, another 501c3 non-profit corporation.   “We knew in any scenario going forward the preservation of our building was priority one’, said Allan Vella, President and CEO of Fox Theater.   “CWC is poised to inject a new sense of vigor and excitement into our grand old lady”, noted Vella. 

CWC Inc, Capitol Wrestling Corporation of Orlando Florida, is the newly created entity to oversee the development of the Wrestling Hall of Fame.   Long considered the missing jewel of professional sport enshrinement, Atlanta’s new Wrestling Hall of Fame is set to go beyond the old standards of yesteryear found in places like Canton or Cooperstown.   

Vince McMahon, owner and CEO of World-Wide Wrestling Entertainment WWE, is excited to finally be bringing his vision of a wrestling mecca to the United States.  “Let’s face it, The Fox Theatre, as it stood, was on decline.  Art deco is over.  Bringing in professional wrestling will definitely take this facility up a notch, said McMahon.  “Atlanta wasn’t my first choice.  I was looking for a place much classier, but it was the theatre itself that turned it around for Atlanta”, added McMahon. 

WWE has already paid $4.5M to the Fox Theatre transition team in the form of “improvements to the Pit stage area”.  They now can elevate an entire wrestling ring to center stage at the Fox.  This of course eliminates the need for an orchestra pit, which turns out not much of a loss as people would prefer to hear pre-recorded music anyway.

Today’s CWC announcement clears up the confusion over a previously signed agreement with Little Caesars Pizza Inc, of Detroit Michigan.  At the time of the February announcement, it was unclear why the newly created non-profit would sign a 30-year exclusive vendor contract? 

The marriage of the Fox, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Little Caesars Pizza creates the ultimate consumer trifecta.   Little Caesars, America’s cherished gas-station pizza brand, being served up in the hallowed halls of the Wrestling Hall of Fame in what used to be the old Fox.  An unrivaled consumer experienced for sure. 

“Look, the Boomer hippies saved the old Fox from demolition.  Great for them, we’re tired of hearing about it.  We are trying to do something much more important, like taking this old building to the next level” , said Londyn Jones, Atlanta’s leading Social Influencer and Style Icon. 

Rumor has it that Atlanta-area fan favorite Mathew Stafford, formerly of the Georgia Bulldogs, who last year signed a lifetime commercial television contract with Little Caesars Pizza might somehow be involved in this new Atlanta entity.  And why not, his professional football career is over, he isn’t what anyone would call camera-ready, so it would make sense that pizza sales might loom large in his future.   

On a final branding note; the Fox Theatre asset formally known as the “Marquis Club” will now be called “The Golden Turnbuckle” and will feature life-sized murals of some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.   Dine with Bruno, Dusty or the Iron Sheik and create cherished family memories that will last a lifetime.  Or, at least until next April 1st

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