When Real Estate is FUN!

Atlanta has more part-time real estate agents than anywhere else in the United States. 

Without a NAR overseer, Atlanta’s real estate Brokers are free to create their own business models.  As a result of this, the real estate business models we all have created here in Atlanta aren’t found anywhere else in America.    

Our original company tagline in 2008 was: Wynd Realty, Atlanta’s Leading Part-time Agent Advocate. The impression that we led anything in 2008 may have been a stretch, but the advocacy part remains as strong today as it ever was.  It was crystal clear in 2008 the franchise brokerages weren’t interested in part-time sales agents.  They simply didn’t produce enough money. A waste of time.  Funny story—fast forward 15 years and the franchises today are begging for anyone who is willing to pay their bloated monthly fees.      

Armed with very low monthly costs and no industry dues, the real estate industry in Atlanta is open to everyone.  We shook the market in 2008 with a $9.95 monthly fee.  Today Wynd Realty is $14.95 a month, or $179 a year for affiliation and FMLS membership. 

For $179 dollars a year, a person can interject themselves into any real estate transaction with friends and family and make thousands of dollars.  There is simply no better tool for making money than a real estate license. 

In our last Blog we wrote of the pressure, discipline and commitment one must have to achieve financial success in full-time real estate sales.   It’s NOT for everyone.  It’s VERY difficult.  What is for everyone?  Part-time real estate sales is the number one “trade” within today’s gig economy.  Being a part-timer is drop dead easy.  Dare we say fun. 

Wynd Realty has had hundreds of examples of agents more or less stumbling into $12K-$20K a year just from the people they know.   Don’t they have to know what they are doing?  Yeah well, not really.  Sure a general aptitude for real estate is handy, but in today’s electronic world in your pocket, it’s not as daunting as you would think.  In addition to any number of online resources, Wynd Realty has over 400 agents and a on online SLACK community.  Just ask.   Fear of being an agent is really unfounded and overplayed for drama. 

Advocating for part-time agents always brings up this question: “aren’t you hurting the pool of prospects for your full-time agents?”  The answer is yes, at some point, but context is needed.  The Atlanta metro area sells between 6-7 thousand homes a month.  Do I think a couple hundred gig workers selling to friends and family every month has any impact on the big picture; no, I do not.        

Part-timers sell to their “spheres of influence”.  (that’s fancy for friends and family)  Full-time agents blanket the world one area at a time.  Yes, there is intersection, but the math is telling us it’s a mouse turd.  Don’t focus on the absurd. 

Isn’t a full-time real estate agent a better agent?  Hell no!  (You’d be surprised how many full-time agents can’t figure out a 2.5% commission)

Full-time agents must continually work with multiple clients.  Part-time agents for the most part work one friend at a time.   For full-time agents there is an enormous pressure to make sales as it’s their sole source of income.  Part-time agents really don’t have the same financial pressure.  They can take the time to do it right.   Another category of part-time agent is “the neighborhood insider” agent.  They have no interest in selling outside their subdivision.  They know every home and the back story to each.  They are under no pressure to overreact and inherently want home values to be at their best.   Beat that!

There are plenty of times when a part-time agent is the better way to go.    Real estate is personal.   Clients can often feel like just another number working with a full-time agent who has to move on to the next client once the contract is signed.    Conversely every contract signed by a part-timer has significant impact on their lives.  It’s newfound money the part-time agent wouldn’t have normally had.  It’s all good!  And if you are a client, who would you rather work with: someone who treats you like a number or someone who actually appreciates you?   Go part-timers! 

Wynd Realty is a small player in the huge Atlanta real estate market.  But when considering the subset of real estate agents who are part-time, Wynd Realty is huge and remains “Atlanta’s Leading Part-time Agent Advocate”.    

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