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You’ve never been to, “The Shops at Buckhead”? Well, you’re not alone. But despite that, I’ll bet you can guess exactly what’s there. Uber trendy stores where no one actually shops, that have prices on products like you’ve never seen, all sold through a phony aura of human superiority. (It does have a Shake Shack however)

We know all of this because of branding. Buckhead, a long time Atlanta brand, has gone through quite a change over the years. For older residences, Buckhead meant … call it hangovers. Newer residences see it as our Rodeo Drive / “Magnificent Mile”. Going from the place you held your girlfriends hair as she puked, to being the “high prestige” area of Atlanta, is quite a feat within a single generation. 

Clearly the Buckhead re-branding has been a success. Atlanta is loaded with realty brands. Easily recognizable areas of town that instantly invoke positive feelings and or reflect a highly desired lifestyle. Inman Park, Virginia Highland and Chastain Park are 3 of Atlanta’s most highly prized, in-town areas that command ever increasing interest and value.

Inman Park Realty, Virginia Highland Realty, Centennial Park Realty and Chastain Park Realty are all GREC-registered DBAs of Wynd Realty. We created these DBAs years ago in a branding experiment. We also secured the .com Domain for each. For the last few years these DBAs and domains have been idle. That said, any one of them could be up and running within hours. 

As part of our original branding project, we fully implemented an Inman Park Realty. Its failure*, gives us an opportunity to reconsider what we think about these urls. Perhaps our biggest mistake was to take the url literally. We created a real estate company specific to Inman Park. But, urls and websites are tools, not companies. And, these tools, as everyone knows and we forgot, are best used for lead generation.

A couple decades ago, Gary Keller dramatically told us all; “Realtors are in the lead generation business”. And, just as pointing out the team who scores the most points wins, he was right.

Which brings me back to the Shops at Buckhead. I was in a store selling $185 t-shirts. With no one around for miles, it’s hard to see this shop surviving Buckhead commercial rents solely on t-shirt sales. Clearly, there is another reason this clothing company decided to be located there. Obviously, there is an ulterior motive going on.

So, what if Chastain Park Realty wasn’t really about selling houses in Chastain Park? Although that would be wonderful and perhaps a goal, the real value in Chastain Park Realty may be in the brand association it implies. Guilt by association. As an agent, wouldn’t you want your name to be known and associated with the best? 

By developing ChastainParkRealty.com is an agent really trying to sell properties in Chastain Park or just trying to collect leads from potential clients who also have an interest in Chastain Park?

ChastainParkRealty.com isn’t so much a realty company as it is a lead generating machine. Atlanta has nearly 50 thousand sales agents. How does one agent stand apart? Perhaps by being the only agent allowed to market under a Chastain Park Realty brand?

It sounds really expensive, but branding doesn’t need to be. Establishing a brand is playing the long game, patience is required.

Getting to the point!

Wynd Realty wants agents to have these urls along with their domains for FREE! Want to generate some of your own leads? The only catch: the agent must establish a website in that brand, promote it at a bare minimum and share their experiences with us on Slack. Get a free, lead generating machine for just for trying. Wynd Realty affiliation is of course required as we remain the only Atlanta brokerage allowing this kind of DBA development.

Agents interested in any of these FREE urls, should contact us at, Info@wyndrealty.com or send their ideas to resumes@wyndrealty.com. 

Websites are cheap. Today, they’re template driven, easy to tailor and look professional. Agents can work with their Wynd Brand Director to establish the most cost-effective strategies to maximize the site’s exposure.

For a small monthly investment, can agent’s buy, “guilt by association”? 
Will it bring in leads? Who knows? But, does anyone see any downside in trying? 

Registered GREC name: URL

Inman Park Realty InmanParkRealty.com
Chastain Park Realty ChastainParkRealty.com
Virginia Highland Realty VigriniaHighlandRealty.com
Centennial Park Realty CentennialParkRealty.com

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