What Would YOU Do?

It’s a very unfair question that nonetheless gets asked all the time; “what would I do if I were them”? It’s routinely answered with another question; “what is it you want to do”? Which comes off smart-ass but isn’t.

Everyone’s path is different, but their starting point is usually the same. You begin by figuring out what you want. And the more refinement you can add to that idea the better. From there, you can determine the, “how to-get-there” strategy.

If what you want to do is; ”sell a lot of houses”, you may want to consider some focus. Chasing any type house, anywhere throughout Atlanta is not a good recipe for starting out. Yes, someday your business will be big, but today, focus on: starter homes, retirement homes, rentals, condos, new construction, homes on the north side, homes in the west, in-town homes, way-outta town homes, etc, etc. The point is; focus on something.

Be realistic. I am often asked; “what’s the fastest way to get into the 7-figure market”? Smart-ass answer: buy a 7-figure house. Truth is, rich folks like dealing with other rich folks. Being realistic will help you set more achievable goals.

If technology isn’t a part of your life, it soon will be. And not because of real estate. The trade itself isn’t that tech intensive. It’s the customer acquisition, the 100% sales part of the job that requires an ever increasing knowledge base. Do you need to be a tech wizard to sell a lot of houses: NO. Do you need to be a tech wizard to create the sales funnel that generates the opportunities to sell a lot of houses: SORTA?

Younger agents see technology as second nature. But, real estate is a trade people enter at various stages in life. Real estate is often part-time. Given this, Wynd Realty realized early on agents could use help in understanding Social Media and its strategies. Years ago we established a working partnership with Imagine Media. https://www.imaginemediaconsul… Imagine Media has gone on to become one of Atlanta’s leading Social Media companies. In most cases, it’s cost prohibitive for a single agent to pay for the services of a Social Media company.

At Wynd Realty every agent has access to some of the best Social thinking in Atlanta. In addition to our working relationship with Imagine Media, the Wynd Realty growth strategy is based on Brand Directors bringing yet another layer of Social Media expertise to the table. 

Sales 101 tells us to expand our points of contact. In a Social sense that means being able to communicate on as many platforms as possible. So, after you have established your focus or direction, create a Social strategy that supports that narrative. Again, second nature to some. But, more often than not, we find agents asking; “how”?

Any strategy will include the need for a website. Great news, you can look fabulous for cheap. There are several template based hosting companies that offer great web products. (wix.com, hostgator.com, godaddy.com, duda.com) Their options are many, and a cost under $10 a month is realistic. If you can edit a Word document, you can maintain your own website. 

Remember, these are not “real” websites in terms of scalability and growth. Think of them as disposable websites or place holders until the day you can afford a custom coded website. Custom sites start around $5K, so until your business can justify that expense, build off templates.

You’re “socialized”; you have your website, Facebook page, Instagram and twitter accounts all working for you. Now what? There are a lot of things you can do to help yourself for FREE. Contact your Brand Director. Obviously, the more time you put in, the more you will realize in return. But remember, nobody starts a business without advertising it, and real estate is hardly the exception.

This is going to cost you. But, it doesn’t have to be a lot. (It’s significantly less than previous generations) More than anything, advertising needs to be consistent. Consistent messaging over time takes patience. And, despite a few urban myths, there are no instant fast-tracks. No one is going to give you leads and buying them is a bad bet. However small, agents who can start building their own leads are much better off.

How much should you spend on advertising? That depends. Again, every situation is a little different. That’s why working with a Brand Director to establish a tailored program is important. 

You have a direction, and a social strategy. My next advice: training. Our next Blog: Training

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