This Isn’t Leadership

You wouldn’t want to buy anything from me today, would you?

I have literally been around salesmen all my life.   And there is one thing I have learned, if any sales manager said the following to a group of peers, they wouldn’t have their job for much longer:

“You’re in winter right now, and it’s going to stay winter for a while.  If you were hoping this year would give relief, that’s not going to happen.” *

I get the speaker may have been trying to inject some realism into the conversation, but it’s flat out wrong.   Yes, the market is in turmoil, the market is always in turmoil.   But whatever the issues are, they will have zero affect on the part-time agent.   Which by the way is the lion’s share of all real estate agents.   Leaders shouldn’t project “their” winters onto everybody else.

When you are trying to lead others, you can’t afford to be negative, period!

Leaders don’t blame others.

“Blame it on the Fed.  Every recession over the last 59 years has been caused by the government.  The Feds inflation policy will continue to stifle the housing market and keep us in recession” *. 

Considering the Feds job is to monitor the economy and keep it balanced and fair for the greatest number of people, yes, they have caused recessions because that’s their job.  Why must there always be an evil participant in every situation?  The economy is what it is; the ebb and flow of life. 

Beware of false martyrs

“Look at the antitrust suits.  We tried to win; we did not win.  Then we realized the right thing to do was to settle on behalf of everyone in this room   And that’s what we did”*.

The United States Department of Justice found several of our industry’s largest sales franchises liable for $1.8 billion dollars in damages for conspiring to keep agent sales commissions artificially high. Many similar conspiracy cases continue to be brought before the Courts. 

Trying to “win” these cases really meant trying to continue the business model the Court had just declared a criminal conspiracy.  If we can’t keep conspiring against the public, someone is going to have to pay for what we have done.  Our Brokerages are paying the price of their crimes “for you”!  Take comfort in the fact agent commission splits for the foreseeable future will be directly deposited into the legal community.   Sounds very presidential, doesn’t it? 

Know when to leave the party.

“Millennials are not buying homes, not buying cars, not saving for retirement.  They’re buying experiences instead of real estate” ++. 

In explaining the theory above, the speaker chooses to compare the savings rates of families in 1990 versus savings rates of families today.    You can manipulate data anyway you want, but comparing eras nearly two generations apart is dumb as hell.   Don’t believe me?  Try making a collect call from a pay phone today.  You can’t.  The 1990 era serviced those in the pre-Internet age.   I realize the speaker(s) above didn’t say, ‘back in my day”.   But that’s what everyone heard/read.   And everyone should be well past tired of that approach. 

These lawsuits are a real line in the sand.  When the dust settles where will you be standing as an agent?  And before you decide, remember the consumer knows about old school brands.  Oh, you’re from one of “those”.  Guit by association.

Atlanta has over 1,900 Real Estate Brokers.  Most of these independents are NAR-FREE.  Check any one of us out.  We all have plenty of room.  And by the way—for the record—it’s never winter at Wynd Realty.

*Garry Keller, Family Reunion 2024
++ Every Boomer on the Planet, and Garry Keller – Ongoing

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