Nearly 80% of homebuyers and sellers prefer to work with agents who use video.  Yet only 38% of all realtors use video. Why?  Well, two reasons; 1) the average age of a realtor means most agents were born in the pre-color TV era and, 2) it’s far too broad a topic.  Video can mean many things in different situations.  Some good, some bad, some stupid.

Today we are talking about a very slim section of the video arsenal: YouTube, “Atlanta Welcome” videos.  These are YouTube videos with titles like; “Moving to Atlanta”, Tens Things to Know Before Moving to Atlanta”,  “What is OTP”  “Things You’ll Hate About Atlanta”  (spoiler alert—it’s always traffic and heat)

By all accounts, these videos are very successful to the agents who pull them off.  And that’s the trick.  

If you have a passion for video production and telling stories, you should become a realtor, you will do well in this new era.   But if you are a realtor considering video know this: video is a long-term play whose process can consume those who undertake it.   All the time and money are upfront with the backend, if any, being down the road. 

When these types of videos first surfaced, you would see agents using their phones from a moving car.  Those days are over!  Today’s videos have music, graphics, and special effects.  The sound and picture are broadcast quality.  These videos are content-rich, well researched, and highly scripted.  Additionally these clips are enhanced through editing techniques that show humor, personality and empathy. 

Remember these videos won’t help you sell a thing.  These “Welcome” videos are aimed squarely at the relocation market and are designed to bring in new clients.  Search “moving to Atlanta” from almost any platform and you will see dozens of these “welcome” types of videos. 

It won’t take long before your search will yield some pretty clear observations.  Yes, there are no Boomers. (or very few) Minorities seem to be underrepresented.  And these videos seem to have a shelf life well past their viability.  (what type of user clicks a video from 2018?)   But as all things in life, being the newest or latest will always present an ever-moving window of opportunity.  This means there is always room for more. 

Should one consider YouTube videos?  There are literally hundreds of clips on how to do this. But, before anyone can even get to that point the larger view must be considered.  To that end.

  • Think Bigger. One video is useless.  A minimum of six is required.  (If you can’t come up with 6 video topics, stick with direct mail)
  • Timing is everything. You will want to publish once a week for six weeks.  One way to do this would be to produce all six clips at the same time.  This means all your scripting and storyboarding is done upfront.  Shooting is done as late as possible to give the clips the “newest” look and feel.  Particularly helpful if you use statistics in your clip. 
  • Setting Expectation. Video is a great tool.  Tools are for specific purposes.  In our example, new client prospecting aimed at the relocation market.  Making video your lifestyle is only for those with true passion.   But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.   Agents can use videos for specific campaigns and target markets as their budget allows.  It’s all good. 

Video is a clear generational differentiator.  For the last twenty years high schools have been teaching video production and “media training”.  It shows!  How these videos have evolved over the last five years is nothing short of amazing.  Yes, technology has played it’s part, but clever is clever. 

I encourage everyone to spend a little time watching their competition.  It helps bring focus into whatever their own planning may be.  And we offer this prediction: if ten agents were to spend twenty minutes watching other agent’s YouTube videos,  three and a half of them would state: “I can do better than that!”  And statistically speaking, they would be correct.   


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